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What is a 'Spore Print' ??

A Spore Print is simply capturing a mushroom's spores drop on onto a surface.

Spore prints are a necessary step in a 100% accurate ID of a mushroom.

Interested in learning the simple process?

1. Clip the stem or stipe of your gilled mushroom so that only a small bit remains.

2. Place the mushroom cap, pore surface down, on a piece of paper (white if you're expecting a dark print, or if you’re expecting a light colored spore print, then be sure to use a darker background! *a sheet of tin foil is a great option*).

3. Place a cup or bowl over the mushroom cap on the paper or foil and place a small object (like a pencil, pen, clothes pin etc.) just under the lip so that there’s a small opening for airflow.

*this creates humidity, or moist air, which mushrooms love. Plus it puts them in the mood to drop their spores 😏*

Now all you have to do is wait!

Its usually best to wait about 6 hours (or overnight), then remove the cup and take a look at what spores have dropped!

If you don’t see any there’s a chance you’ve plucked a mushroom that’s too mature. It’s best to try a few spore prints at a time of the same species just to be sure you’ll have a successful print.

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