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The Illusive Coyote

*Picture this*

You're enjoying a bonfire with your family in the mountains of North Carolina. It's dusk and the last few fireflies of the season are just barely making their presence known beyond the flickering of the fire. You're relaxed, feeling warm, and enjoying each others company when all of a sudden... you hear unsettling sounds erupting for the forest behind you.

Coyotes howls and cackles can sound like high pitched alarms, screaming, or even laughing. Definitely an unnerving sound in general, but that doesn't mean we should fear coyotes.

P.S. this is a true story it happened to us 2 weeks ago !!!

According to folklore, coyotes have always sorta had a bad rap as sneaky tricksters. Not in the cool sly way like foxes, and not in the calculated & intelligent way as wolves... but instead like a scrappy, evil version of both. Poor coyotes... but as with all native species, they do their part and help maintain a healthy ecosystem, so cut them some slack okay?? They're losing habitat constantly because of urban sprawl and overpopulation of the planet #climatechange #help

Our recent brush with coyote's reminded us of this bizarre encounter we had last February in San Diego, California. We were hiking a trail in the Los Peñasquitos Canyon Preserve with Mabel and Wylie when we approached a clearing. Luckily Wylie was perched on Ben's shoulders because we were surprised to see not one, but two coyotes slowly wandering in the brush just yards away. By then Wylie had gone from the nickname "Gator Bait" in Florida, to "Cougar Bait" in Arizona, and finally "Coyote Bait" here in the Canyons of California.

But ain't it a beauty?!

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