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The Almighty Osprey

Updated: Mar 26

Ever wondered what an Osprey sounds like? Well we've made it to the Florida Keys and an Osprey put on a nice show for us during our sunset kayak cruise. Catch the visuals and audio here:

Also known as Sea Hawk, or Fish Hawk, this bird was more realistically putting out a warning call as I struggled to paddle closer to it in an attempt to get a good shot. By the way... have you ever tried to paddle a kayak, stay steady, and use a long lens to capture the perfect photo of a bird? Well it's not easy but we did it! Even framed it out nicely with tree limbs. Take a look at the hard work paying off:

Pandion haliaetus "Osprey" John Pennekamp Coral Reef S.P. Key Largo, FL

We've been able to spot a couple Osprey nests already, most of the time on high poles over the water or buoys. Did you know that Ospreys are master nest-builders, with nests sometimes reaching over 10 feet tall during breeding season?? Whether you spot these magnificent birds soaring, fishing, or building up their homes, you're sure to be in awe. Their wingspan can reach close to 6 feet and they sport a curved sharp beak designed specifically for hunting fish. You'll want to keep an eye out for these beautiful raptors. Plus, now that you've heard their call, be sure to listen for them too!



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