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Ocean Tumbled Rocks

San Diego offers a beautiful variety of rocks. From desert mountains & slot canyons to the rocky shores of the pacific coast - its official y'all: Rocks naturally tumbled by the ocean waves are my favorite to admire 🌊

If you're interested in feasting your eyes on some of these beauties you're in luck! After scouring multiple beaches, shorelines of different bays and lagoons, riverbeds, and sprawling tide pools, we've FINALLY got the scoop for exactly where to go to have an endless bounty of rocks to admire.

Nicknamed "Cobble Beach," Ponto Beach is just north of Encinitas and below South Carlsbad State Beach. We were able to find free parking right around Tower 23 with a short walk down to the pebble-filled beach. Prepare to be amazed as you walk along layers and layers of beautifully tumbled rocks.

The sound of the waves crashing and whirling the rocks around in the water is one I'll never forget. Even if you don't identify as a "rock-hounder" this beach is a must-see. The colors, patterns, and textures will strike awe no matter what your interests are!

Now keep in mind, not everyone is thrilled about these pebble-ridden beaches. Once a beautiful sandy landscape, these shorelines have had their sand swallowed back into the ocean due to storms and annual weather patterns, causing a strikingly uncomfortable sun-bathing surface to stretch out on. Due to this lack of sand, small towns along the coast here have suffered economically with a dwindling tourism population.

But we can help! If you live in the area, take a trip to the Ponto beach area and walk these try to enjoy these rocky beaches. Take time to notice the beautiful detail, colors, and patterns in these rocks.

No rock is the same. Every stone holds countless years of geological history, each telling their own story. So next time you see rocks at your feet, take a minute to admire them.

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