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Learning is Giving

In the age of information, it's imperative to not only appreciate the access we have to data, but to also show gratitude however we can.

I use Wikipedia everyday *multiple times a day* in my research of fungi and other encounters I have in the natural world. This resource serves as a great jumping off point for studying a species, with most articles referencing scientific journal articles, fellow mycologists, and reputable field guides.


Our goal with Mobile Mushrooms is to present FREE education about fungi and the natural world. In providing accessible information we aim to inspire curiosity, a love of learning, and an appreciation for our environment.

Have you used Wikipedia in the past week? Day? Hour? Consider donating what you can to this universal resource today.

**Keep in mind: Increased access to information comes with responsibility. It is VITAL that we all take the time to check our sources and be thorough in our research before regurgitating any information we encounter. Do your part!**

Below are photos of mushrooms I've identified thanks to resources like Wiki 😊


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