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Homemade Tagliatelle Pasta & Oyster Mushrooms

Whats better than homemade pasta with fresh foraged mushrooms? Enjoying it with friends of course!

Pleurotus ostreatus on fallen Oak tree November 2021 Chapel Hill, NC

Last year around this time I was lucky enough to catch up with childhood friends over some delicious homemade pasta. As luck would have it, a brisk November walk in the woods brought me to a gorgeous fruiting of oyster mushrooms just in time for our gathering later that evening. But obviously this doesn't always happen...

Pro Tip: If your harvest/meal prep don't line up perfectly, simply store your foraged or store-bought oyster mushrooms in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator.

After a few trips to Italy our friend Josh became infatuated with traditional pasta-making and walked us through the process he'd learned from a Youtube Channel called Pasta Grannies. Josh had pre-made the dough so that we could get straight to the fun part. He brought along his Imperia Pasta Maker and we all enjoyed a beautiful spread of charcuterie as we curiously watched the process.

After flattening the dough he rolled it into a thin tube, sliced it, and dusted it with flour to keep it from sticking together. Meanwhile we sautéd the mushrooms in a cast iron skillet with butter and garlic before adding them to the simmering sauce with onions and veggies.

By the time the meal was ready we'd all focused so much on the production of the process that we clearly had no time to take a photo of the end result, but I assure you it was well worth the journey.


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