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Florida Bird Encounters Put Hitchcock to Shame

The sunshine state is well-known for its variety of birds due to its landscape and warm temperatures. But... how much is too much??

Between waterfowl, birds of prey, and even a select number of flamingos, Florida's got it all when it comes to feathered friends.

Heck, even humans become "Snow Birds," as many flock to Florida for the winter months ! ! !

Are we feeling overwhelmed? Well, not really. Its pretty freaking cool.

It feels like everyday we notice a new bird species. Here's a quick glimpse at some of our favorites we've identified with a fun fact about each:

"American White Ibis" Eudocimus albus

These cuties roam around everywhere here in FL, foraging for food with their large distinctively-shaped bills. "Native American folklore held that the bird was the last to seek shelter before a hurricane, and the first to emerge afterwards. The bird was thus a symbol for danger and optimism [wiki]."

"Egyptian Goose" Alopochen aegyptiaca

Unlike most birds, according to a 1988 field guide, "the sexes of this species are identical in plumage but the males average slightly larger [wiki]."

"Great Blue Heron" Ardea herodias

These large birds have only a few predators including the Bald Eagle, and occasionally alligators; but, Great Blue Herons use their dagger-like bill to fend off these large threats.

"Osprey" Pandion haliaetus

These expert fish hunters make massive nests to keep their eggs safe {see photo}. According to wikipedia, "in Buddhism, the osprey is sometimes represented as the "King of Birds."

"Common Moorhen" Gallinula chloropus

Based on my scientific observation, if you have eyes and are in Florida, there is a 100% chance you'll see this bird. BUT you won't get bored of them because there is actually at least 5 different subspecies to learn to identify [wiki]!

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