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Cinnabar Chanterelles - Sweet Treats, All Summer Long

As the Summer heat swelters, I’ve noticed of all the chanterelle species, these Cinnabar Chanterelles have been the most persistent fruiting bodies!

Typically Chanterelles come out around the beginning of summer, depending on the region you’re foraging. As with all mushrooms, they love a good series of rain storms, but as the heat comes to a peak toward the end of the summer, they begin to fizzle out as Boletes and Amanitas stake their claim on the forest floor. To this day I’m still finding some beautiful chanterelles of all species, but with a more keen eye and in less quantities. BUT, like I said, these Cinnabar Chanterelles don’t quit!

I’ve also found that as Chanterelles, Smooth Chanterelles, and Appalachian Chanterelles, tend to spread across different regions of the forests throughout the season, Cinnabar Chanterelles like to stand their ground and reproduce right where they started when the season began. Though they’re small in stature, they continue to fruit in great numbers throughout the entirety of the season. Their sweet flavor will have you coming back for more, and luckily, they’ll be there!

Cinnabar Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cinnibarinus)

Chanterelles (Cantharellus Cibarius)

Smooth Chanterelles (Cantharellus Lateritius)

Appalachian Chanterelles (Cantharellus Appalachiensis)


Suggested Cinnabar Chanterelle Recipe:

Summer Pesto Pasta with Chanterelle Mushrooms

This dish is the perfect mix of sweet and savory!

DISCLAIMER: *As with all wild foraged edible mushrooms, be sure to have a 100% positive ID before consuming & be sure to always cook your mushrooms throughly, sautéing them for at least 10 minutes on medium heat before consuming. Never consume wild edible mushrooms raw.

What you’ll need:

~2 cups Foraged Chanterelle mushrooms

2 table spoons butter

2 cloves garlic

pesto (your preferred amount)

handful of grape tomatoes - sliced

pasta of your choice

*optional + sriracha, + parmesan cheese (or + nutritional yeast to keep it vegan)

1. Clean your chanterelle mushrooms - either blow off dirt, wipe off dirt with a damp cloth, or if they’re too dirty, rinse them & if this step is necessary - be sure to take this extra step before proceeding:

If Chanterelles have been wet or submerged in water, be sure to sauté without fat (butter/oil) to allow the water to steam out of the mushrooms BEFORE you move on to step 3.

2. Boil salted water for your pasta of choice.

3. Sauté your chanterelle mushrooms in a medium pan (cast iron preferred) on a medium heat, adding butter + garlic, stirring here & there for at least 10 minutes. 4. Add sliced grape tomatoes after mushrooms are thoroughly cooked.

5. Add pasta to water and cook for 6-8 minutes - strain.

6. Add cooked pasta to veggie pan and add preferred amount of pesto sauce. Stir & add any additional toppings before serving.

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