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Boletes Abound!

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

With the Summer season upon us, we are bound to see bolete mushrooms emerging from the ground around us.

"Bolete" is an umbrella term for mushrooms that are typically categorized by a spongey pore surface *see image below* and mycorrhizal relationships with the plants around them. The bolete mushroom featured in this photograph is Heimioporus Betula, commonly known as the "Shaggy-Stalk Bolete." The "shaggy" characteristic shown on the stipe of this mushrooms is referred to as reticulation, or a net-like pattern, and commonly accompanies many bolete species. This particular species is in fact edible, though unfortunately not all species of mushrooms in which slugs are feasting *heads deep* can be considered edible... but that's why you have us to learn which ones are in fact edible!

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