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Another Dynamic Year on the Road 🛣️

As we look back on 2022 we're grateful to have been able to travel the United States again, in the comfort of our little silver home 🗺️

In the past year we've spent time in 22 states and learned A LOT about mushrooms, plants, animals, and of course... ourselves!

January - March: NC ➡️ SC ➡️ GA ➡️ FL ➡️ AL ➡️ MS ➡️ LA ➡️ TX ➡️ NM ➡️ AZ ➡️ CA

April - May: CA ➡️ AZ ➡️ NM ➡️ OK ➡️ AK ➡️ TN ➡️ NC

Early October: NC ➡️ VA ➡️ KY ➡️ IN ➡️ IL ➡️ MO ➡️ IA ➡️ IL

Late October: IL ➡️ IN ➡️ OH ➡️ WV ➡️ VA ➡️ NC

Here are a few highlights from our travels in 2022:

In Florida we found the most beautiful Turkey Tail mushrooms we have ever seen! Plus we spotted gorgeous plants, ferns, and of course - birds, so many birds! 🦢 🦅

In this short video we search through the Everglades to find a mated pair of Great Horned Owls.

In Oklahoma we finally found our first fruiting of Morel Mushrooms and boooooyyyy were they tasty!

For a glimpse at the most wholesome excitement you've ever seen a 20-something-year-old experience watch this video of me spotting these gorgeous specimens in real time.

In California we were surprised to find some "Pruney Cap" or Psytharella delinata mushrooms tucked up under a root hiding from the desert sun.

We camped just outside of the San Bernardino Mountain range and hiked miles into southern region of the Mojave desert along Deep Creek River to finally reach a series of natural hot springs tucked into the rocky hillsides. Perhaps the steam from the hot springs provided those mushrooms the moisture they needed to survive in that harsh climate!

Back here in our home state of North Carolina we found our very first Black Trumpet Chanterelles nestled deep in a mountainous forest among moss, large boulders, and rhododendrons.


In this year we've also had the opportunity to settle into a new home... a stationary home 🏠!

Y'all, we even have a washer/dryer now and I can't even start to tell you just how fancy that feels... not to mention a trash can that's taller than my knees AND... TOWEL RACKS 😌 But, our sweet silver bullet Sylvia is only taking her Winter's nap. We will be on the road again when the warmer weather returns. Stay tuned for more nature studies and stay curious! 🧐✨🍄 🌲 🧠

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