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Many of our clients started their kitchen and bath remodeling projects the same way8230by wondering, “Where do we start?”, “How do I know which remodeling company to trust?”, “What do I need to focus on to ensure that we’re satisfied with the end result?” : and What kitchen remodeling contractor is right for the job? Most of us have a unique, personal , style that is a blend of one or more design styles. Learn more about each interior design style as a starting point to understand what you like and what you don’t. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service apply. Our experts aren't limited to just kitchens and bathrooms! Other living spaces include beverage bars, laundry rooms, craft rooms, home offices, and others. You’re ready to sell your house this year, but your real estate agent has pointed out a few areas you need to address before your home is ready to hit the market. First and second on the list are your kitchen and master bathroom. Admittedly, both have an alarming amount of oak, and that laminate countertop isn’t doing you any favors.virtual bathroom makeoverThe bathroom planner on the Kaldewei website helps you immerse yourself in your new design and envision what it would look like before purchasing. Whether youre dreaming of a big family space or a chic sustainable , scheme, you can create your own space from scratch or use one of the sample bathroom layouts to begin your project. Then, place the windows and doors, add fittings , that youre looking to remodel or just love a good home makeover, you will appreciate this transformation. Ive painted many front doors over the years. If youve got peeling paint, you cant just paint over it. Youll see the ridges through the next layer of paint. Sanding and more sanding is required. The paint on this door was adhered and had weathered well, so the only thing I had to do was clean it! I SO AGREE on those faux traditional doors! Like white heels in winter, only worse. The worst offense in my neighborhood near DC is a cool modern house going up, with a faux traditional door! I have to drive by it a lot, and Im always fighting the urge to stop and do damage to it so theyll have to replace it. Who ever thought this butt-ugly style was a good idea? """"""""



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